Food and Beverage for hospital, corporate House

Hygienic Environment.
Special Dietary.
Kitchen Service.
Nutritional ingenuity.

The unique conditions of a hospital or nursing home environment make extra demands on this type of commercial operation. The food must not only be prepared in a totally hygienic environment and to a very high standard, but also by synchronized to the special dietary need of the individual patients and that is the challenge we are meeting in Hospital Services.

The Kitchen Service is the most important part in hospital service where nutrition status of the patients is mintainted. This nutrition values are maintained by our skilled and experienced Dieticians as directed by secialist Doctors. Quality which is the most significant part of kitchen service is also properly maintained.

Diet for renal patients is also to be maintained keeping in view the nutrition values. As required in the type of services Nihar Enterprise provides understanding and expertise in nutritional ingenuity, which benefits the hospital and nursing homes in providing professional service to patients.In addition to catering service of the patients we also offer for the staff and employees of the hospital.